Fluorescence Masterclass - The basics

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:55 Fluorescence Masterclass-
00:02:18 This presentation discusses
00:02:47 Why consider fluorescence?
00:03:24 Introduction to the fluorescence process and properties
00:03:29 Fluorescence Process
00:04:11 Fluorescence Spectra
00:04:52 Fluorescence Spectra
00:05:03 Fluorescence Spectra
00:05:23 Fluorescence Spectra
00:06:05 Types of fluorophore
00:06:15 Types of Fluorophore
00:07:24 Types of Fluorophore
00:08:51 NanoSight instruments for detecting fluorescence
00:08:57 Fluorescent Measurement
00:09:46 NanoSight Range for Detecting Fluorescence
00:10:36 Fluorescence Options Available
00:11:15 NanoSight Range for Detecting Fluorescence
00:12:09 Choosing appropriate fluorophores for your laser wavelength
00:13:21 Choosing appropriate fluorophores for your laser wavelength
00:13:53 Options for generating fluorescent samples
00:14:01 Generating Fluorescent nanoparticles
00:15:10 Structure-specific fluorescent tags
00:17:04 Direct, specific tags (1)
00:17:51 Direct, specific tags (2)
00:19:34 2-step fluorescent labelling (1o + 2oF)
00:20:44 2-step fluorescent labelling (1o + 2oF)
00:21:29 Points to remember!
00:22:22 Examples of fluorophores used with NanoSight systems
00:22:28 Example: Titration of F
00:23:39 Example: Titration of F
00:24:33 Example: Titration of F
00:25:37 Case Study: FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum)
00:26:10 Sample viewed before optical filter
00:26:10 Sample viewed after optical filter
00:26:10 Sample viewed before optical filter
00:27:27 Sample viewed after optical filter
00:28:38 Membrane labelling - visual comparison
00:29:23 Improved labelling with assay development
00:30:32 2-step fluorescent labelling (1o + 2oF)
00:31:36 Some Fluorophores used with NanoSight systems
00:40:15 This Introductory Fluorescence Master class ……
00:41:01 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?Please type your questions in using the Q&A panel on the right side of your screen
00:41:01 Contact Information
Fluorescence is increasingly considered as a tool within nanoparticle characterisation. The ability to positively identify particular subsets of nanoparticles within a sample is especially important for applications in life science, drug delivery, virology and exosomes’ research. In this introductory webinar we will first explain the fluorescence process and discuss the properties of fluorophores that you need to consider when choosing a label for your nanoparticles. Next we will briefly discuss some of the common approaches that have been used to produce fluorescently labelled nanoparticles. We will explain the “fluorescent mode” available with NanoSight instruments. And finally we give you a taste of some fluorescent nanoparticles that have been characterised with Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis. There will also be time to ask any questions that you have about getting started with fluorescent nanoparticle characterisation with your NanoSight instrument.