How low can you go? New advances in the analysis of low molecular weight polymers by GPC/SEC

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:02:05 How low can you go? New advances in the analysis of low molecular weight polymers by GPC
00:02:46 Industry: Synthetic polymers
00:03:35 Synthetic polymer application examples
00:04:58 The drivers for better characterization
00:05:41 Why are these scientists using GPC?
00:06:42 Why are these scientists using GPC?
00:07:58 Low molecular weight polymers
00:09:39 OMNISEC
00:10:00 OMNISEC
00:10:08 OMNISEC
00:10:57 Detector module – OMNISEC REVEAL
00:11:38 Refractive index
00:12:20 UV/Vis PDA
00:13:08 Light scattering
00:15:10 Light Scattering
00:15:54 Light scattering benefits
00:16:53 Viscometer
00:17:07 Viscometer technology
00:17:39 Viscometer
00:18:23 OMNISEC Viscometer benefits
00:19:04 The triple detection pyramid
00:19:39 Separation module – OMINSEC RESOLVE
00:20:46 Low molecular weight polymer applications
00:21:24 PEO standards - RI and RALS 196 to 992,000 Da
00:22:12 PEO 196 Da by Triple Detection
00:22:44 Triple Chromatogram of Bisphenol A (MW = 228)
00:23:48 Triple Chromatogram of Bisphenol A Diglycidyl Ether (MW = 340)
00:24:37 Example Triple Chromatogram of Polypropylene Glycols
00:25:19 Summary of Molecular values of Polypropylene Glycols
00:25:58 Comparison of PPG Samples vs Standards
00:26:59 Triple Chromatogram of Polycaprolactone A (Mw = 1,800)
00:27:47 Triple Chromatogram of Polycaprolactone B (Mw = 1,600)
00:27:57 Example Triple Chromatogram of Silicone Oils (Mw = 44,000)
00:28:50 Summary
00:29:31 Thanks for listening…Any questions?
00:33:05 Contact Information
Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) also known as Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), is a very popular analytical tool for polymer characterization. Low molecular weight polymers such as polyols, epoxies and polycaprolactones (amongst others) are used in structural applications as well as for coatings and in drug delivery. However, their low molecular weight makes it very difficult for most GPC/SEC system to detect them and accurately measure their absolute molecular weight accurately.

This webinar introduces our latest multi-detector GPC/SEC system, OMNISEC, and show how its unrivalled light scattering sensitivity overcomes these difficulties and opens up these application areas in ways which was not previously possible with other light scattering systems, bringing absolute molecular weight measurements to this important market.