High Precision Optical Interfaces for NIR Spectroscopy

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00:00:14 Dr. Stacey Carrier
00:01:20 About ASD
00:01:59 What is Visible/NIR?
00:02:23 In this webinar, you will learn:
00:03:00 NIR in Industrial Markets
00:04:34 Industrial NIR Applications
00:07:18 Untitled
00:08:54 ASD Broad Range of Accessories for Industrial Applications
00:09:27 Accessories – Contact Probe
00:11:07 Accessories – Muglight
00:12:28 Rapid Analysis Probe
00:13:31 Accessories – Turntable
00:14:39 Untitled
00:17:17 Untitled
00:17:56 Untitled
00:18:47 Untitled
00:20:06 Measurement Principles
00:22:21 Hellma Configurator
00:22:26 Untitled
00:23:38 Untitled
00:25:13 Snapshot of a “moving target”
00:25:56 Snapshot of a “moving target”
00:26:28 Snapshot of a “moving target”
00:26:46 Transition to Online Spectroscopy
00:28:06 Transition to Online Spectroscopy
00:28:57 Transition to Online Spectroscopy
00:30:36 Multiplexing
00:30:50 Typical Analyzer Setup
00:32:02 Typical Analyzer Setup
00:33:11 Advantages / Disadvantages
00:35:09 A Solution: Multiplexing
00:35:50 Analyzer with Multiplexer
00:36:41 Analyzer with Multiplexer
00:37:14 FMX Multiplexer
00:38:00 Features
00:40:01 Advantages / Disadvantages
00:41:03 Investment Considerations
00:42:44 Target Applications
00:44:14 Questions?
00:47:57 Thanks for listening
00:48:10 Untitled
Malvern Panalytical, in conjunction with Hellma Analytics offer a complete line up of probes and spectroscopy instrumentation to serve the UV/Vis/NIR industrial markets. Hellma Analytics is the world leader in the market of optical analysis technology for optical components and solutions, and manufactures products such as probes and optical multiplexors for NIR instrumentation.