Particle Sizing Masterclass 2 – When should you consider particle shape?

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Have you ever wondered if all particles are really spherical? Or what extra insight you might get from measuring particle shape as well as particle size?

Techniques like laser diffraction provide rapid particle size measurement but achieve this through assuming that the measured particles are spherical. This is often enough for the needs of product quality control. However, during product development, the use of techniques such as automated image analysis to obtain particle size and shape information can be advantageous in providing a deeper understanding of a new material, formulation or process.

In this Particle Sizing Masterclass webinar we’ll look at the techniques of analytical imaging and laser diffraction in more detail. This will include the additional understanding that measuring particle shape can bring to understanding material performance. We’ll then discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each technique as well as how to correlate the insight both techniques can provide. This includes case studies considering investigation of product and process performance. We’ll also consider how imaging can support laser diffraction method development.


Anne Virden Ph.D. - Technical Support Supervisor Laser Diffraction and Image Analysis

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  • Who should attend?

- Anyone who wants to know more about laser diffraction and analytical imaging

- Laser diffraction users who want to know how analytical imaging can add valuable insights

 - Anyone wanting to understand how to correlate particle size and particle shape measurements.

  • Why attend?

- To learn how orthogonal techniques, such analytical imaging and laser can complement each other

- To find out more about laser diffraction and analytical imaging

- To understand how particle shape can affect material performance