Multi-detection OMNISEC software demonstration

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At times, maximizing the potential of a SEC/GPC instrument can be challenging. Join the Malvern Panalytical SEC/GPC experts to help you interpret your data.


In our previous Ask an Expert! webinar for SEC/GPC, we discussed everything you need to keep in mind when setting up your instruments, including whether or not they are ready for analysis, how to design a sequence and how to approach to the initial steps of data analysis. In this session, we will take a closer look into all the information that a multi-detection system can give you, as well as explore data, calculation methods, results, and graphs in the OMNISEC software.  


There are many aspects of your data that can give you valuable information about your samples beyond a single molecular weight result, including molecular weight distribution and the size and structural characterization of your samples.

This session is designed to broaden your knowledge on the outputs available from the OMNISEC software. Whether you are an experienced SEC user or not, we hope you will gain a better understanding of how to explore and improve your results.

Whether you have questions about samples or sample prep, setting up an experiment, or performing analysis, feel free to submit them so that we can deliver the information you require. There’s always more to learn, whether it’s setting up your measurements for quick batch processing, gaining confidence in the quality of your results, or presenting your data in the best format. 

For this webinar, we will assume you have watched the previous one on the same topic. Don't worry if you missed it the first time or can't remember anything about it. Before you attend this webinar, please watch last year's introduction. You can find it here.

Don’t forget to bring your questions or submit them by emailing (For inclusion in the webinar presentation, questions and data can be submitted up to 10 days in advance. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions on the day.)

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This webinar is part of our ongoing Ask an Expert! webinar series. These live webinars are meant for students, researchers, and professors alike who want to sharpen their analytical methods, deepen their knowledge, or find out how to improve their data.


We’ll provide extensive materials analysis information and answer your most frequently asked questions. In other words, it’s the ultimate way to improve your materials science research and engineering knowledge. 

It’s free to attend any of the classes. For a full overview of the 2022 program, click here

To watch any of last year’s webinars, take a look at the full programme of 2021 recorded events here.


  • Serena Agostini - Product Technical Specialist and Separations Technical Support Separations
  • Stefan Cairns - Product Technical Specialist Separations and Technical Support Separations 

Más información

Who should attend? 

  • All SEC or GPC users who wish to see what is available from the OMNISEC software when analyzing their data.

What will you learn? 

  • Learn how to find and interpret the graphs available from multi-detection in the OMNISEC software.
  • Expand your knowledge on the results available in the OMNISEC software.
  • Apply the various tips and tricks you learn to help increase confidence in your results.