Field Spectrometry as an Innovative Tool for Precision Agriculture

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Precision agriculture, aka precision farming, is an approach to farming that uses technological tools to understand how to grow crops more efficiently. This can be achieved by monitoring input variables in soils as well as plant health and using that data to optimize distribution of resources, such as application of fertilizer, water and pesticides. Precision farming has been made possible by the advent of satellite imagery, GPS systems, drones and portable technologies that enables data mapping of farms to make more informed decisions. One of the portable technologies increasingly used in precision farming are portable vis-near infrared spectrometers, such as the Malvern Panalytical FieldSpec, owing to the wide amount of information that can be obtained using this technology.

The FieldSpec can be used to take spectral data of soils and plants in the field which can then be processed to give information on important parameters such as soil organic matter, soil cation exchange capacity, plant nitrogen and plant chlorophyll content amongst others.

This webinar will explore the potential applications and examples of how the FieldSpec can be used as important data tool for precision agriculture.


Robert Cocciardi - Business Development Manager - Pharma and Food Sector - Canada

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- Who should attend? 

Researchers working for universities (depart. of agriculture or soil science) researchers working for government (depart. of agriculture), research centers, consultants for analysis. 

What will you learn? 

Discover concrete examples of how the FieldSpec can be used in precision agriculture