This technical note discusses interpretation of data and results obtained from zeta potential measurements in the ZS Xplorer software for the Zetasizer Advance series of instruments and highlights various parameters and charts that can be used to assess data and result quality.

Recommended Parameters

Table 1 shows a list of recommended parameters that are available in ZS Xplorer software which can be used to aid interpretation of the data and results obtained.

Table 1: Recommended parameters for aiding data and result interpretation.
Parameter NameDescription
Zeta potentialThe mean zeta potential value in millivolts (mV)
Zeta deviationThe standard deviation of the zeta potential distribution in millivolts (mV)
ConductivityThe conductivity of the sample determined from the measurement in milli Siemens per centimeter (mS/cm)
(Zeta Data) Mean count rateThe mean count from the measurement in kilo counts per second (kcps) at the attenuator selected for the measurement
AttenuatorThe attenuator position used during the measurement
(Zeta Data) Derived Mean Count RateThe normalized count rate (in kcps) obtained from the mean count rate and the attenuator selected for the measurement
Reference beam count rateThe count rate of the reference beam (in kcps). This is set during instrument manufacture to be 2,600 ± 200 kcps
Quality factorA signal to noise-based parameter derived from a phase analysis during the Fast Field Reversal (FFR) stage of the measurement
SFR spectral quality factorA signal to noise-based parameter that is derived from the frequency analysis during the Slow Field Reversal (SFR)stage of the measurement
Number of zeta runsThe number of sub runs used in the measurement

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