Why use Fusion Monitors in the routine quality control process?

Fusion Monitors are specially designed for quick, easy and proactive quality assessment and monitoring of the fusion process. Made from a mix of pre-fused lithium borate flux and sample, Fusion Monitors® are chemically and physically stable, independent of the sample preparation step, and help keep the focus of attention on the stability of the fusion process over time.


Use Fusion Monitors to:

1) Minimize operational downtime

Efficient in problem diagnosis and troubleshooting, the Fusion Monitor's® role is to identify the source of a problem when the control samples are outside the specified range, thus reducing downtime.

2) Prevent incoming result biases

Quickly detecting biases coming from the fusion process, Fusion Monitors® allow you to take proactive actions and correct pending problems before the XRF results become unusable.

3) Maintain consistency in the analytical results

Fusion monitors allow you to maintain result consistency by foreseeing and correcting the analytical biases before they affect manufacturing and commercial decisions.

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Fusion Monitor Catalog

Catalog NumberFusion MonitorComposition
F-C420-60CementLiT/LiM/LiBr/Cement Type 10 45.23/45.23/0.45/9.09