Date d'enregistrement: April 22 2021

As pharmaceutical products become ever more complex, the need for detailed analytics is becoming increasingly urgent. Our inside technical knowledge and biophysical expertise can help teams like yours simplify and speed up product development. Join us on 22 April to find out how.  

For the first time, we’ll be broadcasting live from our UK-based MEGAlab. Our state-of-the-art facilities will be used as the backdrop for a panel discussion, bringing together experts from the field of biologic and pharmaceutical characterization and optimization. We’ll tackle questions considering the selection of critical quality attributes that inform formulation optimization, stability assessment and product safety and efficacy. And we’ll share insider knowledge on the analytics – across multiple platforms - that both speed and simplify development.  

As an added bonus, we’ll introduce the latest capabilities for the OMNISEC size exclusion chromatography platform. These exciting new developments provide an in-depth view of the individual components of complex samples, including viral vectors, vaccines, PEGylated and conjugated proteins, membrane proteins and copolymers. What’s more, you’ll see how to directly measure the percentage of full AAVs within a sample – critical information about the potency of gene therapies in your development pipeline. 

Don’t miss your chance to see Malvern Panalytical from the inside and meet the scientists who are changing the analytical landscape and playing a crucial role in the creation of safe and effective new drug products.  

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