Polysaccharides used as food ingredients

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00:00:00 Polysaccharides used as food ingredients - Accurate characterization using SEC with advanced multi-detection
00:01:51 Polysaccharide food ingredients: Accurate Characterization using SEC/ GPC with advanced multi-detection
00:02:02 Use of polysaccharides in food
00:02:45 Challenges linked with polysaccharides
00:03:37 Shortcomings of conventional SEC systems
00:04:56 Importance of molecular structure
00:05:26 Gaining insight into molecular structure
00:06:38 Measuring molecular mass
00:07:59 Static light scattering facts
00:09:25 SEC-Low Angle Light Scattering (LALS)
00:10:39 Malvern Instruments’ Viscotek 7° + 90° light scattering assembly
00:12:20 Example showing the angular dependence
00:13:57 Accurate molecular mass measurements
00:14:45 Measuring Intrinsic Viscosity
00:15:53 4- Capillary Differential Viscosity Detector
00:18:23 Further information derived from viscometer
00:19:18 Hydrodynamic Volume
00:20:00 Other ways to gain size information
00:21:24 Producing structure information
00:21:54 Mark-Houwink-Plot of Gum Arabic samples
00:22:30 Comparison of three Chitosan samples
00:22:59 Branching analysis: Dextran
00:25:05 Results: Branching analysis Dextran
00:26:42 Xanthan FIPA-gram
00:28:16 SEC system components
00:29:48 SEC Triple/Tetra Detection
00:31:14 Viscotek TDAmax SEC-System
00:32:08 Viscotek TDAmax SEC-System
00:32:23 Thank you for listening!
00:32:56 Contact Information
The Viscotek size exclusion chromatographysystems with triple detection including low angle light scattering, viscosity and refractive index detectors meets the analytical challenge.of polysaccharides used as food ingredients