Omega/Theta XRD

Fully automated vertical three-axes X-ray diffractometer for ultra-fast crystal orientation

The Omega/Theta XRD delivers the ultimate in combined precision and speed for determining crystal lattice. With results returned in as few as ten seconds, the Omega/Theta XRD features many process accessories from bar code readers to crystal stacking frames and can accommodate a range of samples of up to 30 kg in weight and 450 mm in length. It is a reliable partner to transfer the measured orientation to your processing tool.

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The Omega/Theta XRD is your reliable future-proof partner for determining crystal orientation in the changeable semiconductor landscape. Market-leading precision, blazing fast measurement speed, and high-end build quality are combined with the power of automation – making sure your processes are ready for anything. Offering unparalleled efficiency and precision for crystal orientation and alignment, the Omega/Theta XRD is ideally suited to both production and research applications.

Features and Benefits

Ultra-fast precision with proprietary scan technology

Our method requires only one measuring circle to gather all the necessary data to fully determine the orientation, which delivers high precision at a very low measuring time – in the range of a few seconds.

Easy interfacing for advanced connectivity & automated measurements

All measurements on the Omega/Theta XRD are automated and are managed from within the user-friendly XRD software. The instrument can be easily integrated into existing processes in production environments using its various MES, SECS/GEM and similar interfaces. 

Characterize a range of materials

Omega/Theta XRD can be used to characterize all single crystalline materials. Commonly used materials are:

  • Si
  • Ge
  • SiC
  • AIN
  • GaN
  • GaAs
  • Quartz
  • LiNbO3
  • CdTe
  • BBO

Convenient, flexible sample handling

Our wide range of accessories enhance the productivity of the Omega/Theta XRD in a wide range of applications from seed boring to grinding, to slicing all the way to wafer geometry end control – keeping you flexible even if those needs change over time. Add-ons include: 

  • Automatic X-Y mapping stage to map crystal orientation or surface distortions on a user-defined grid 
  • Stacking stage to align ingots before sawing 
  • Rocking curve tool for quality measurement
  • Additional sample rotation axis
  • Photographic camera and image processing
  • Laser scanner for sample shape measurement
  • Sample adjustment equipment
  • There are many more custom engineering solutions!
With customized sample-holders to meet any need from large ingots to tiny cylinders, the Omega/Theta XRD can accommodate a wide range of sample sizes – ensuring that it is equally at home in a production workflow as in research.

Key Applications

The Omega/Theta XRD was designed for manufacturers. It’s ideal for the ultra-fast orientation and alignment of various crystal types in production, for marking in-plane directions, or checking the orientation of flats or notches. It is also ideal for production quality control, thanks to its high throughput speeds and automation capabilities. 
Optional extras, such as a stacking stage for aligning ingots before sawing and a rocking curve tool for quality measurements, make the Omega/Theta XRD a versatile partner for production applications.
Materials research
The high precision and flexibility of the Omega/Theta XRD means it is ideal for materials research, as it can accommodate a range of samples up to 30 kg and 450 mm in length, with additional stages available for larger or more complex samples. 
It’s able to characterize a wide range of materials, making it highly valuable for your R&D processes – and the flexible Theta Scan opens up a world of measurement possibilities.


Technical specification
X-ray source Standard X-ray tube, Cu anode
Detector Scintillation counter (single or double)
Sample holder Precise turntable, mounting plate and tools for sample adjustment
Crystal collimator Available
Mapping Heavy duty mapping stage available
Software XRDStudio
Water cooling Flow – 4l/min, max. pressure 8 bar, T ≤ 30°C
PC workstation Windows 7 or latest, .NET Framework update
Dimensions H 1950 mm × D 820 mm × W 1200 mm
Weight ca, 650 kg
Power requirement 208-240 V, 16 A single phase, 50-60 Hz
Certification Manufactured under ISO 9001 guidelines, CE conform


Additional sample stages

Measure a wider range of sample sizes in different process stages with additional sample stages designed to accommodate crystals smaller or larger than average.

Additional sample stages

Sample adjustment equipment

Easily handle your various types of samples with dedicated sample adjustment tools.

Sample adjustment equipment

Automatic X-Y mapping stage

Easily map crystal orientation or surface distortions onto a user-defined grid using an additional X-Y positioning stage above the turntable. The mapping stage enables comprehensive exploration of the entire sample surface via a customizable surface scan.

Automatic X-Y mapping stage

Stacking stage

Precisely align ingots before sawing and enhance tool utilisation. The efficient stacking stage aligns ingots during the Azimuthal-scan, before transferring the complete stack over to the wire saw. This parallel sawing method is highly efficient. 

Stacking stage

Rocking curve tool

Rapid and accurate quality control measurements for production processes. The rocking curve, indicative of lattice quality, can be assessed rapidly pointwise or in conjunction with a mapping tool for a quality map. The optic is automated for easy on/off toggling.

Rocking curve tool

Photographic camera and image processing

Flat and notch detection is made easier thanks to a high-quality photographic camera and extra image processing capabilities.

Photographic camera and image processing

Laser scanner for sample shape measurement

An optional laser scanner enables the measurement of precise sample shape, giving you deeper insight into your materials. 

Laser scanner for sample shape measurement


Support services 

  • Phone and remote support
  • Preventive maintenance and checkups
  • Flexible Customer Care Agreements
  • Performance certificates
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Local and global support


  • Turnkey solutions for elemental and structural semiconductor metrology
  • Automation and consultancy
  • Training and education
The ultra-fast future is now. Don’t get left behind.

The ultra-fast future is now. Don’t get left behind.

Smart, efficient processes are your advantage in a changing industry – and they start with the Omega/Theta XRD. Fully automated crystal orientation and alignment at the highest speed.

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