Standardless elemental analysis of a wide range of materials

Turnkey elemental analysis solution

When faced with fully unknown samples, or in cases where calibration standards or reference materials are not easily accessible or available at all, standardless XRF analysis is a valuable solution. Omnian is a highly advanced yet easy to use standardless analysis module, covering all elements from F to U. Quantitative results can be obtained for a wide variety of sample types like pressed powders, fused beads, loose powders and liquids. Important applications include elemental analysis of “one-of” samples, screening and failure analysis.

The Omnian Expertise Program

This Expertise program delivers a complete and ready to use standardless analysis solution for Malvern Panalytical WD XRF and benchtop EDXRF range systems. Processing parameter setup for various material types are included as well as a full validation and drift monitoring workflow. For ZetiumAxios or MagiX spectrometers the Fast Scan setup is included, enabling quantification across the full elemental range in less than 2 minutes. The Omnian setup can be refined for specific material types by including TAG set-up samples. Peak based measurements for enhanced quantification of traces and minors can be included on request.


  • Suite of Omnian set-up samples, drift monitor sample and Omnian SuperQ software license
  • Setup of the Omnian standardless analysis program, including processing parameters to handle many different material types
  • Fast Scan setup (Zetium, Axios or MagiX systems only)
  • Analysis validation and calibration maintenance procedure setup, including explanation how to use analysis quality indicators
  • Advice and consultation on efficient preparation of samples
  • User training and documentation


  • Optimizing accuracy for specific elements and materials using TAG samples
  • Use of peak measurement for enhanced quantification of minors and traces
  • Statistical Process Control  (SPC) for allowing fully automated QA/QC workflows for WD XRF systems*


  • Malvern Panalytical XRF spectrometer: Zetium, Axios or MagiX or Epsilon range system
  • Sample preparation equipment

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* SPC is already included with Zetium systems