Introducing the new ON-LINE Zetasizer WT! – zeta potential clarifies coagulant dosing

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:02:27 Zetasizer WT On-line Zeta potential for water treatment
00:02:48 Introduction
00:04:11 Coagulation control in water treatment
00:04:47 Zeta Potential
00:05:07 Zeta potential is NOT streaming current
00:06:04 Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS)
00:06:59 Measuring Zeta Potential
00:07:48 Laser Doppler Electrophoresis
00:08:15 Setting a Zeta Potential operating range
00:09:22 Zeta optimization helps control Turbidity, NOM, DOC
00:09:42 Zetasizer WT
00:10:59 On-line Zetasizer WT
00:11:58 On-line Zetasizer WT- HMI
00:12:35 Zeta potential and Ferric Sulphate
00:12:54 Responding to changing conditions…
00:13:28 Detecting a process upset…
00:14:05 Early access unit at Wemlinger plant
00:14:15 Wemlinger WPF
00:14:35 Direct Filtration Plant
00:14:54 Beta test at Wemlinger plant
00:15:24 Lab Zeta vs. On-line Zeta
00:15:44 Lab Zeta vs. On-line Zeta
00:16:00 On-line data
00:16:53 Observed negative effect of Rapid mixing
00:17:35 On-line data
00:17:59 Zeta vs. SCM
00:18:29 Wemlinger Operators say
00:19:03 Business Considerations
00:20:56 Business Considerations
00:21:33 Some Pics
00:22:20 Summary
00:23:03 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?Please type your questions in using the Q&A panel on the right side of your screen
00:31:13 Contact Information

Zeta potential or particle charge is the driving force responsible for the stability and flocculation of particles in a water treatment plant. Neutralization of this charge by oppositely charged coagulants is key for formation of stable, easily filterable floc. The difficulty faced by water treatment plants is that decisions regarding the required dose of coagulant are often based on very rudimentary measurements and tend to be operator dependent, resulting in frequent over-dosing and potential for plant upsets. Measurement of zeta potential by Laser Doppler micro-electrophoresis has been used as a laboratory method for many years and has proven to be an accurate, reliable and robust means of understanding the dosing demand. Now this technology moves on-line and delivers previously unattainable information as well as significant financial benefits to the user. Join us for this presentation launch of the Zetasizer WT – new on-line system developed specifically for water treatment plants.