Forensic soil analysis explained

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00:00:00 Welcome!
00:01:13 Forensic Soil Analysis
00:01:20 Overview
00:02:02 Sherlock Holmes
00:02:25 Hans Gross
00:02:55 “The Microscope as Detective”
00:04:02 The Filbert Case (1908)
00:05:56 The Filbert Case (1908)
00:07:16 Locard Exchange Principle (1929)
00:07:51 Untitled
00:08:55 Soil (for Forensic Purposes)
00:09:08 Soil Complexity
00:09:28 Mineral
00:10:15 Soil Examination/Analysis
00:10:27 Modern Methods of Soil Analysis
00:10:52 Particle Size Distribution
00:11:09 Untitled
00:11:17 Modern Methods for Mineral Identification
00:11:52 Raman Microspectroscopy
00:12:42 Why MDRS for Soil Minerals?
00:14:12 Soil analysis case study
00:14:53 Soil samples were collected from Malvern offices at three locations around the world…
00:15:30 MDRS – Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy….How does it work?
00:16:39 Soil sample preparation
00:17:21 Results overview
00:17:30 20160510-Malvern-ForensicSoilAnalysis
00:17:30 Summary - Chemical composition of soil samples
00:17:53 Chemical composition of soil samples
00:18:19 Chemical composition of soil samples
00:18:27 Chemical composition of soil samples
00:18:32 Size distribution of quartz component in soil
00:18:52 Shape distributions of quartz component in soil
00:18:58 Shape distributions of quartz component in soil
00:19:03 Detailed characterization: Tokyo, Japan soil sample
00:19:26 Detailed characterization: Tokyo, Japan soil sample
00:19:57 Summary
00:20:17 Soil analysis case study
00:20:46 Materials and Methods
00:21:44 Quartz Sites B and C – Particle Morphologies
00:22:23 Quartz PSD –Site B vs Site C
00:23:19 MDRS of Soil Minerals% Particle Count
00:24:10 Chemometrics: Principal Component Analysis
00:26:14 Chemometrics: Principal Component Analysis
00:26:25 PCA of Soil Mineral Data
00:26:49 Conclusions
00:27:51 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?
00:31:33 Contact Information
This presentation explores the relevance of soil analysis in forensic science. It presents the use of Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS) and its potential to be a valuable tool for forensic soil analysis due to its non-destructive, automated approach to collecting morphological and chemical information on individual particles. The presentation includes a live demonstration of the Morphologi software, using a simple example to compare soils collected from different Malvern sites around the world. A more detailed forensic example is presented which combines MDRS analysis with principal component analysis to distinguish between soil samples collected from four sites along the same road.