How a CNA analyzer works (PFTNA Neutron Activation)

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On-line bulk material analysis is an important technique for optimizing mineral processing activities. In this webinar we will explain the principles of PFTNA (Pulsed Fast and Thermal Neutron Analysis) and how it is implemented in a CNA bulk elemental analyzer.

We will outline how the CNA analyzer measures the elemental composition of different materials on a conveyor belt, passing through or over the analyzer. Also, the limitations of the technology and steps that can be taken to maximize the accuracy and precision of the analyses will be discussed.


Jorge Peralta - Technical Specialist CNA


- Who should attend?
Professionals working for mining, minerals and metals companies, mine and plant managers, QC managers and engineers, application and method developers, researchers, professors and technical associations searching for knowledge and new analysis solutions

- What will you learn?
The webinar will demonstrate the principles of real-time bulk material elemental analysis which provides important information in controlling mining, minerals and metals industries. The technology (PFTNA) will be reviewed as well as its implementation, limitations, and most importantly, design considerations for maximizing the accuracy and precision of the analyses.