Hybrid X-ray metrology with the Freeform method

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Discover the power of hybrid X-ray metrology!

Join our webinar, where we will discuss the hybrid x-ray metrology for thin films and novel Freeform algorithm for the analysis of multiple datasets, including the core analytic technique for thin films – XRR. Originally crafted for EUV mirror development, the Freeform algorithm is a solution designed for thin films with density gradients and complex interfaces.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future of hybrid X-ray metrology and XRR algorithms through insightful use cases presented by Dr. Igor A. Makhotkin was behind the development of the Freeform approach and is currently working on the development of hybrid X-ray metrology at the University of Twente!


  • Igor Makhotkin - Associate Professor, XUV Optics, University of Twente


Who should attend? 

  • Users of Thin Film Metrology
  • General XRR users
  • Researchers in both academia and industry

What will you learn? 

  • What can Freeform do?
  • How does the use differ from conventional XRR simulation?
  • How can this new solution be acquired?