Polymers and plastics: analysis of additives and fillers

Turnkey solution for accurate elemental analysis of additives and fillers in polymers

Additives and fillers are routinely added to plastics during manufacture to enhance or suppress specific properties. Accurate elemental analysis ensures tight control of these expensive chemicals during polymer production. 

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy is an established analytical method for quantifying the concentrations of additives and fillers. Being a nondestructive technique, XRF delivers important advantages compared to other methods. Sample preparation is straightforward, with no dissolution required. Measurement results are accurate and reproducible. Time-consuming and costly re-standardizations are unnecessary while the results remain consistent over long periods, saving time and money. Automated analysis reduces measurement times to a matter of minutes and efficient sample preparation methods support high throughput. User-friendly software allows routine analysis to be carried out by factory operators.

Expertise program for XRF analysis of additives and fillers in polymers and plastics

This Expertise program delivers a complete methodology from sample preparation to quality assurance for elemental analysis in polyolefins (all kinds of PP and PE, including iPP, HDPE, LDPE, mPE, ULMWPE etc.). It can be applied to ZetiumAxios, MagiX or Epsilon range systems.

The following elements and concentration ranges are covered:

Elements ppm
F 0 - 270
Na 0 - 190
Mg 0 - 560
Al 0 - 400
Si 0 - 800
P 0 - 90
S 0 - 100
Ca 0 - 200
Ti 0 - 110
Zn 0 - 200


  • Suite of ADPOL calibration standards covering the elements and concentration ranges listed above
  • Setup of optimized analysis program and system calibration, enabling best throughput and accurate results, as well as easy routine analysis by factory operators
  • Setup of calibration maintenance procedure
  • Advice on workflow optimization
  • Advice on efficient preparation of samples, including hot pressing
  • User training and documentation


  • Statistical Process Control for WD XRF systems*, for setting up QA/QC workflows


  • Malvern Panalytical XRF spectrometer: ZetiumAxios, or MagiX WD XRF systems, equipped to run liquid samples, or an Epsilon range system
  • Sample preparation equipment

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SPC is already included with Zetium systems