Dr. Daisuke Sasakura, BSc (Hons.), MEng, Ph.D

Applications Manager - Japan

About Dr. Daisuke Sasakura

Daisuke Sasakura is an Applications Manager based in Japan. He manages over and defines direction for 15 scientific representatives, including X-ray, Morphology, and process experts. 

Daisuke is responsible as an Application Scientist for business development, including the Morphologi, Nanosight and EDX product ranges. In addition, he provides Sector development support for Additive manufacturing, Battery and Small Molecules in Pharmaceutical areas. 

His scientific background varies in Organic Chemistry, Chemical Physics (Vibrational Spectroscopy) and Mathematical Chemistry (Chemometrics and Simulation Science). 

He is heavily involved in the scientific community, particularly formulation science (PAT community), Geoscience and Ceramics, relating to particle and powder characterization using various technologies. 

Daisuke Sasakura lives in Tokyo. His hobbies are fishing, reading books, cycling and traditional martial arts on the weekend.

Dr. Daisuke Sasakura

Career pathway

Daisuke has over 17 years commercial experience with cutting-edge analytical instruments and providing practical solutions with his scientific knowledge. After graduating from Graduate school, he worked as a lecturer at a vocational school. After that he joined a high-performance scientific instrumentation company headquartered in Germany, where he began his practical business career as an Application Scientist.  

He has worked for several international companies in various roles, including Product Management (Morphologi, Nanoscale Analyzer, Elemental Analyser and Life Sciences related equipment), Marketing Strategy and Business Development Strategy. 

Daisuke now works at Malvern Panalytical as a Manager of the Applications Department. He holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Science using Vibrational Spectroscopy application for powder and solid dosage, a Masters Degree in Material Science (Polymer Synthesis Chemistry) and a BSc (Hons) in Organic Chemistry. 

Research & expertise

When I receive customer problems or challenges to overcome, I feel like that I receive “exciting research themes” as a scientist. Each customer pain point stimulates the intellectual curiosity I have. This is why I never get bored with my job and why I’m so happy here. I am always grateful to our customers for giving us these opportunities. When we work together, I always try to build a professional relationship with customers so we can achieve the goals set in the shortest amount of time. Most importantly, I believe we "enjoy science" together.

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