The role of Taylor Dispersion Analysis in assessing the stability of biological formulations

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:23 Welcome
00:01:54 The role of Taylor Dispersion Analysis in assessing the stability of biological formulations
00:02:29 Abstract
00:03:16 Proteins as Therapeutics
00:03:34 Proteins as Therapeutics
00:05:20 Proteins as Therapeutics
00:05:26 Proteins as Therapeutics
00:05:50 Proteins as Therapeutics
00:06:44 Proteins as Therapeutics
00:07:31 Proteins as Therapeutics
00:07:45 Proteins as Therapeutics
00:09:47 The Target Molecule Profile
00:10:52 The Target Molecule Profile
00:11:05 The Target Molecule Profile
00:11:16 The Target Molecule Profile
00:11:24 Screening Techniques
00:12:53 Screening Techniques
00:14:33 Screening Techniques
00:16:38 A Complimentary Screening Technique
00:18:19 A Complimentary Screening Technique
00:21:16 Taylor Dispersion Analysis
00:22:09 Taylor Dispersion Analysis
00:24:52 Taylor Dispersion Analysis
00:26:42 Taylor Dispersion Analysis
00:28:21 Taylor Dispersion Analysis - Summary
00:29:34 Volume vs Intensity
00:30:20 Some practical examples
00:30:24 Taylor Dispersion Analysis - Proteins
00:32:37 Taylor Dispersion Analysis - Proteins
00:34:33 Taylor Dispersion Analysis - Proteins
00:38:04 Taylor Dispersion Analysis - Proteins
00:39:10 Conclusions
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Understanding the stability of biological formulations – including their propensity to aggregate - is one of the primary requirements of moving drug candidates through the development pipeline. Biopharmaceutical companies will often establish a target molecule profile, with the intention of ensuring that poor candidates are removed from the development process as early as possible. 

Formulation stability and aggregation potential are core properties for the target molecule profile, to ensure an acceptable drug shelf life, good efficacy and safety profiles, and to minimize the risk of unwanted particle formation.

This presentation introduces the complementary nature of Taylor Dispersion Analysis (TDA) as a method of measuring protein size and understanding the aggregation potential of a biological formulation.