SAXS/WAXS and more: Introducing the Empyrean Nano edition, a versatile X-ray scattering platform

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In this recorded webinar we will introduce to you the main features of this instrument and demonstrate its unique capabilities by discussing several application examples.

The Empyrean Nano edition enables a variety of X-ray scattering techniques that can be applied for the structural characterization of nanomaterials on multiple length scales. The instrument is based on a high-resolution goniometer platform and the proven PreFIX concept, thus offering maximum flexibility. Main applications are SAXS/WAXS, bio-SAXS, USAXS and total scattering (PDF analysis).


About our speaker Jörg Bolze, product manager nanomaterials:

Jörg studied Chemistry at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany. In 1997 he received a doctorate for his thesis about the structural characterization of colloidal systems with small-angle X-ray scattering. He continued his research as a postdoc at synchrotron radiation facilities in Japan and Korea. In 2006 Jörg joined PANalytical as an application specialist and in 2012 he was appointed as a product/marketing manager. Over the years Jörg contributed significantly to the development of PANalytical's basic and advanced SAXS/WAXS solutions.