Laser Diffraction Masterclass 2 – Method development: a view from the lab

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00:00:00 Masterclass 2: Method development
00:01:59 The wet dispersion process
00:02:45 Wetting the sample
00:06:22 Adding energy to improve dispersion
00:09:31 How stable should the results be?
00:13:14 Mastersizer Demo 1
00:13:14 Example ultrasound titration
00:14:01 Dry powder dispersion: Mechanisms
00:15:45 The dry dispersion process
00:17:51 Mastersizer Software Demo 2
00:17:51 Mastersizer 2nd Run of System
00:17:51 Mastersizer Software Demo 3
00:17:51 Example pressure titration
00:19:03 Example pressure titration
00:20:37 Method development overview
00:22:03 Q&A
00:27:35 Mastersizer Software Demo 4
00:27:35 Q&A
00:32:59 Thank you for your
00:33:36 Contact information

This webinar is the second in our Masterclass series. The first Masterclass introduced particle size and laser diffraction. In this Masterclass we’ll cover the practical aspects of method development.

The recommended processes for liquid and dry powder dispersion will be introduced and discussed. There will also be footage from our laboratory showing the method development processes in action.


Anne Virden Ph.D. - Technical Support Supervisor

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Who should attend?
Anyone who is new to particle sizing or laser diffraction.
Anyone who needs to develop or review laser diffraction methods.
Anyone who would like to refresh their knowledge of method development.

Why attend?

To learn how laser diffraction methods are developed.