Temperaturecontrolled capillary holder for SAXS/WAXS

Performance validation on lyotropic liquid crystals formed in a surfactant/water system

In this study we demonstrate the usage of a temperature-controlled capillary holder within a SAXS setup for studying the phase behavior of a surfactant / water system as a function of temperature and concentration. The formation of lyotropic liquid crystalline (LC) phases is analyzed and results are compared with published data to validate the performance of the temperature-controlled capillary holder within the SAXS setup.

A temperature-controlled capillary holder was used for a SAXS study on the formation of lyotropic liquid crystalline phases in a surfactant/water system at two different concentrations. Upon variation of the temperature, reversible transitions between an isotropic and a lamellar or hexagonal phase were observed, respectively. Lattice parameters could be determined. The transition temperatures are in good agreement with those reported in the literature. 


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