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Accelerate successful development of future battery technologies

Battery research solutions

Despite the large-scale commercialization, the battery technologies are yet to evolve at a disruptive pace to meet the ever-evolving consumer needs – high specific energy and power, faster charging times, more sustainable, greater safety, and lower cost. Battery researchers, thus, must discover not only the safe and high performing next generation technologies – they must ensure that these technological advances use low cost and environment friendly materials.

Powering the future

As a trusted partner in your battery research, we deliver a unique set of physical, chemical and structural analysis solutions, often customized to meet the divergent and most challenging experimental tasks. Providing the highest data quality in terms of accuracy and precision, our analytical solutions and expertise enable you to perfect the smallest details. Your goal is to deliver novel technologies, and we can help you to get there faster.

Specifically, our solutions can help you:

Empower your battery research with intrusive insight
When it comes to the successful development of new high-performing battery materials, research dives into the hidden materials dimensions to explore and understand the least understood materials characteristics. Download our brochure to see how our analytical solutions can support you.

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