Fecha registrada: June 11 2015

Duration: 55 minutes 0 seconds

The latest advances in integrating XRF technology enable bulk analysis and small spot mapping analysis on a single platform. The ability to analyze small areas, or map the distribution of elements on a fine scale, widens the range of applications possible. This facilitates fundamental investigations in production control and materials research. In contrast to other elemental mapping techniques, XRF requires little or no sample preparation. This means that element mapping becomes accessible to users of varying levels of skill and makes it an indispensible tool in scientific research and process troubleshooting.

Practical small spot mapping analysis is now possible with the ED core (part of SumXcore technology) of the Zetium XRF spectrometer.

Qualitative (intensity-based) or quantitative (concentration-based) applications can be set up, and the multi-element acquisition mode of the ED core makes Omnian standardless applications also possible.

In this webinar various applications of small spot analysis mapping will be discussed including qualitative, quantitative and Omnian standardless examples. These include the analysis of a meteor, ceramic and stainless steel to name a few.