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Checking for the purity of their mineral grades as well as the milling and production of the ore pellets are the key performance indicators of mines. Thus, elemental and particle size distribution analysis are well known analytical techniques. A common blindspot that mining companies don’t pay enough attention to, is the mining mineralogy. Did you know that knowing the mineralogy of the ore defines its properties during processing? For instance, flotation, leaching, digestion, magnetic separation etc. Knowing the exact mineralogy can enable companies to optimise their process whether it may be the use of reagents or chemicals or maintenance of their mills.

During this webinar, Malvern Panalytical’s manager for mining and minerals, our specialist discusses case studies in which companies have saved millions just by knowing the exact mineralogy. All made possible by analysing using X-ray diffraction. He gives insight to realities like the world’s decline in ore grade and the need for faster reaction time for companies to leverage on intelligent sensors – whether in the lab, in the field or online tools - to offer precision mineralogical analysis. Remember, in our global mining manager, Dr König’s past webinar on “Staying resilient in the mining and minerals sector amidst Covid-19”, $1 of investment upstream, could save your company 10 times downstream.

What you will learn
1. Basics to mining mineralogy monitoring and where it can be applied in your process
2. How to analyse your ore’s mineralogy using X-ray diffraction
3. Case studies of mineralogical monitoring has been applied across minerals analysis of bauxite, nickel and more

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