Fecha registrada: July 21 2020

How to get a better control over precision analysis? Whether it is for purity and grade assessment or certification purposes. How to amortise the instrument purchase, whether it is with more samples analysed or expanding the number of applications on a single instrument. We also recognise that some site locations are remote and may not have the option of immediate on-site application support or training. These are all indeed valid concerns that our end users face. And by having a local application laboratory with a team of application specialists, Malvern Panalytical hopes to support our customers better.

This webinar introduces our new applications laboratory based in Perth, Western Australia. This adds to our global footprint of Malvern Panalytical laboratories in India, China, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and more.

1. We will introduce to you, our Perth application laboratory facilities, our team of application specialists and their area of expertise
2. Learn about case studies that showcase the value of Malvern Panalytical’s application support in enabling not only accurate and repeatable analysis but full optimisation of your equipment
3. Understand the types of value-added application services that we can provide like the development of CRM standards tailored for your samples analysis e.g. fused bead calibration for precision XRF elemental analysis
4. Application training and support: on-site or remote
5. User training courses on applications as well as data analysis and interpretation
6. Analytical demonstrations and proof of concept

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