Fecha registrada: September 28 2021

The 30th OMA is a great way to discover the latest advancements in mining and minerals. Join us to keep you informed on topics such as: 

  • Day 1: Towards a sustainable future for mining: From value protection to value creation (sustainability) 
  • Day 2: Get significant production returns with innovative technology and high equipment performance (efficiency) 

This event gathers industry experts as well as our own experts to discuss exploration, process optimization and tailings management. New advances in elemental analysis (X-ray and neutron analysis), mineralogical analysis (X-ray diffraction and near-infrared (NIR)), on-line analysis (elemental, mineralogical and particle size) and sample preparation will be covered.

Target audience: Employees working for mining, metals, polymers, building materials, power generation & petrochemical companies, researchers, professors, professional and technical associations, the public and the private sector.