Fecha registrada: November 12 2020

Duration: 02 hours 59 minutes 00 seconds

Connect with the Microcalorimetry community and discover more about how Microcalorimetry solutions can help solve your challenges.

This event is aimed at new and experienced users alike and those with an interest in discovering more about how microcalorimetry can complement existing techniques

Each section will end with a short Q+A and the session will be followed by a digital hangout and open discussion allowing you the opportunity to connect and network with experts.

The first 90mins will be centered on ITC. Our keynote speaker Geoff Holdgate from AstraZeneca will demonstrate applications using both ITC and DSC and lead us into our DSC focus sessions.

Feel free to log in and out for the sessions most relevant to your interests.

What will you learn:
Overview of the latest technology.
More information on how to use Microcalorimetry to advance your biomolecular characterization during drug discovery, drug development, and life sciences research
Best practices for experimental design and data analysis

Dr. Natalia Markova, Segment Marketing Manager
Raul Pacheco-Gomez, Field Application Scientist
Elise Guerini, Pharma and Food Sector – UK Team Leader
Geoff Holdgate, AstraZeneca
Andrew Scott, Head of Bioassay Development and Screening - Concept Life Sciences

Table of contents
1. ITC Technology Overview – Andy Scott 
2. ITC How to make meaningful measurements – Andy Scott
3. Understanding Data and Complementary techniques – Natalia Markova
4. Application of Microcalorimetry in Early Drug Discovery – Geoff Holdgate 
5. Here to help – Connecting you with services and support – Craig Sagar
6. Advantages of DSC – Raul Pacheco Gomez 
7. DSC Beyond TM 
8. Q&A