Characterization of metals using X-ray diffraction (XRD) – residual stress and Texture analysis on modern X-ray diffraction platforms

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Steel and metals/alloys in general are subject to extensive monitoring and testing during and after the production process due to their various applications in high-stress environments. The knowledge of material properties like residual stress, texture as well as phase composition is essential for the later usage of metal parts as they have a direct influence on the capacity to resist loads and other mechanical and physical strains. Modern X-ray diffractometers can deliver rapid analysis of these parameters in compliance with present norms.

During the webinar various case studies where XRD is used in metallurgical applications will be demonstrated, discussing examples of the analysis on steel, but also other metals such as zircaloy, aluminum, nickel, tin and copper. You will learn how XRD can be applied to the different materials and analytical challenges. Case studies of the following applications will be given:

  • Determination of residual stresses and stress profiles
  • Texture analysis
  • Analysis of retained austenite

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Nicholas Norberg studied Mineralogy and Crystallography in Vienna (Austria) dealing with radiation damage in minerals before moving to Potsdam (Germany) where he was working in the field of experimental mineralogy studying mineral chemistry and physics at elevated temperatures and pressures. He joined Malvern Panalytical in Almelo (the Netherlands) as an Application Specialist for XRD in 2011.