NanoSight NTA 3.1 Software Release

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:59 NTA 3.1: Key features and changes
00:01:02 Introduction
00:01:34 Summary
00:02:15 Our aim with NTA 3.1
00:02:55 What’s new?
00:04:55 Installation/upgrading and backward compatibility
00:05:48 NTA 3.1 Key Feature Demonstration
00:06:02 Demo NTA
00:06:02 Support Materials
00:06:34 Questions and Thank You
00:28:35 Download update

NTA 3.1 is an exciting new development building on the NTA 3.0 platform that Malvern is offering to all users for free. It significantly improves ease-of-use, flexibility and performance through automation, new features, refinements and optimisations. This webinar gives you a summary of the new software package, with a live demonstration showing how the main new features can be used to get the most out of your NanoSight system.

Key features include; automated image setup, improved graph overlay abilities and refined implementations of missing NTA 2.3 features such as exclusion regions and selected concentration.