Focus on Pharma: The Zetasizer Ultra - A Novel Assay for Measuring Adeno Associated Virus (AAV)

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00:00:00 The Zetasizer Ultra - A novel assay for measuring Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)
00:02:21 Agenda
00:03:22 Section 1:Introduction to the Zetasizer Ultra and MADLS
00:03:41 Zetasizer – Introduction and Overview
00:06:37 Zetasizer – Key Technology
00:08:04 Zetasizer Ultra – What's new?
00:10:15 Measurement Principle - Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
00:12:10 Limitations of Single Angle DLS
00:14:11 Measurement Principle - Multi Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS)
00:15:37 Zetasizer Ultra - Particle Concentration
00:16:53 Section 2: Adeno-Associated Virus in Gene Therapy development
00:17:13 Adeno-Associated Virus – Gene Therapy Vector
00:19:38 Adeno-Associated Virus – Structure
00:19:38 Adeno-Associated Virus – Common Titer Assays
00:19:38 Adeno-Associated Virus – Zetasizer Ultra Assays
00:21:06 Section 3: AAV Example Data
00:21:06 Zetasizer Ultra – Example AAV Data
00:21:32 Case Study #1: Application Note
00:22:38 Case Study #1: Application Note
00:23:38 Case Study #1: Application Note
00:24:51 Case Study #2: AAV Thermal Stability Test
00:26:37 Case Study #2: Particle Concentration by MADLS
00:28:13 Case Study #2: In-Process AAV Characterization
00:30:21 Section 4: Building a MADLS Method for AAV
00:30:32 ZS Explorer Software
00:30:53 Particle Concentration – How it Works
00:33:13 Zetasizer Ultra – Method parameters
00:37:39 Zetasizer Ultra – Summary and Conclusions
00:39:17 Questions
00:40:13 Thanks for listening

The high-resolution size capabilities of the Zetasizer Ultra have enabled a new assay to rapidly characterize Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) viral concentration. Utilizing Multi Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS), the Zetasizer Ultra can determine both AAV viral concentration and size in a single measurement that is cuvette-based, rapid, label-free, low volume, and non-destructive. In this talk, we present AAV viral concentration and size results, the MADLS measurement principle, and the effect of sample properties, such as material refractive index and viscosity.


Jonathan Mehtala - Field Applications Scientist - Malvern Panalytical

Más información

  • Who should attend

- Anyone working with AAV 

- Those interested in novel applications of dynamic light scattering

- Those interested in sample characterization using MADLS

- Anyone who would like to understand more about MADLS and the Zetasizer Ultra


  • What will they learn

 - How MADLS can be used to perform size and concentration analysis of samples including AAV