Real-time monitoring in the cement industry

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Carbon footprint reductions and ‘net zero’ targets are key focuses for the cement industry right now. And there are several new ways for the industry to reduce its carbon footprint, including alternative materials and fuels. Whatever the approach, reliable process control is key. At the same time, many cement and lime quarries are aging and providing poorer-quality stone. To achieve true sustainability, we’ll need to address all these challenges.

In this webinar, our product manager, Rajendra Mishra, will discuss analytical solutions for improving chemical quality control and optimizing your processes. First, we’ll briefly highlight how our range of analytical solutions can provide data for control of the entire process. We’ll then focus on real-time solutions – specifically, the benefits of our CNA Pentos cross-belt analyzer. You’ll learn about best practices from other cement plants and discover the latest analytical trends to help you carefully monitor your raw materials – whether they’re traditional or alternatives.


Rajendra Mishra, Product Manager for Online Process and Automation Solutions, Malvern Panalytical 

Rajendra Mishra has been working with analytical and process instrumentation for over 30 years. An instrumentation Engineer by education, he joined Malvern Panalytical and has since taking various roles, moving from customer support to sales to product management. Over the course of his career, he has assisted numerous companies in finding the relevant analytical solution based on their requirements. These span from cement to coal to iron ore and many other metals and minerals. Rajendra specialises in online process and automation solutions involving elemental to near in-fra red to particle size analysis. Tap on his expertise during this webinar to gain a better understanding of where and how your company can benefit from online monitoring capabilities.

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Who should attend? 

  • Plant and process managers at cement plants 
  • Anyone in construction, consultancy relating to cement and emissions control

What would you learn? 

  • How controlling raw mix chemistry can reduce fuel and energy consumption 
  • Why improved chemical composition is vital for achieving ‘net zero’ goals 
  • How real-time measurement can support stable operations with alternate fuels or raw materials 
  • How real-time measurements and sorting of raw materials can extend quarry life 
  • Ore Sorting