BTS 150/500 – benchtop heating stages

Cost-effective attachment for non-ambient XRD

Anton Paar BTS 150 and BTS 500 benchtop heating stages are compact and cost-effective solutions for basic non-ambient X-ray diffraction experiments in reflection geometry. BTS 150 is equipped with a Peltier heating element enabling a temperature range from – 10 ºC to 150 ºC. The resistance heater of BTS 500 allows the heating of a sample from ambient temperature up to 500 ºC. Both heating stages can be used with an air, vacuum or inert gas atmosphere. A thermocouple is placed close to the sample for accurate temperature measurement and control. An optional beam knife can be used to minimize low- angle background.

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The BTS 150 and BTS 500 benchtop heating stages are designed for basic in situ X-ray diffraction on powder samples at low to medium-high temperatures for the study of crystal structure changes, phase transformations, chemical reactions, etc. with both organic and inorganic materials. Furthermore basic thin film analysis (phase composition, basic reflectometry) and basic residual stress measurements on relatively thin samples can also be done with these chambers. 

Main features, specifications and application examples are summarized in the brochure.