Elemental carbon in its many forms is a material used throughout industry and is still finding exciting new application areas. Direct cost savings and product optimization are evident in many areas:

  • Tire life is extended approximately 3-fold (5000 to 15000 miles) with the use of carbon black benefiting us all in the pocket (collectively trillion of dollars) – and this from natural gas that may have otherwise been wasted
  • Black paints and lacquers possess approximately double the lifetime through the reinforcing power of colloidal carbon and its ability to screen out injurious actinic radiation
  • Printing inks give clear, instantaneous imprints due to colloidal carbon black
  • Rubber insulation – additional insulating and protective value due to the inclusion of colloidal carbon
  • Separation of octahedral and distorted diamond (the latter of less value)
  • Froth flotation of coal where zeta potential characterization reduces the costs of expensive reagents by being ‘just good enough’
  • Optimization of particle size and flow properties of liquid coal slurries used in power stations potentially saves the economy billions of dollars

In newer application areas such as CNT’s and graphene then information is vital and without the characterization Malvern Instruments’ equipment and experts provide, then the development of these materials cannot move forward.