Characterizing the properties of liposomes and other drug delivery systems

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00:00:00 Liposomes and Other Drug Delivery Systems – Characterizing Their Properties
00:01:58 Contents
00:02:32 Contents
00:02:37 Why Consider a Drug Delivery System?
00:03:18 Untitled
00:04:32 Properties of NPs for Nanoscale Drug Delivery
00:05:10 Nanoparticle Size is the Key Parameter
00:06:16 Other Important Parameters
00:06:45 Candidate Drug Delivery Materials
00:07:39 What are Liposomes?
00:09:26 Liposomes for Drug Delivery
00:10:27 Contents
00:10:43 Untitled
00:11:23 Particles are Visualized Directly, in Real Time
00:11:23 NTA: Principle of Measurement
00:11:23 Particle Size in Action- Software Analysis
00:11:23 Untitled
00:13:10 Contents
00:13:16 Zetasizer Nano Series
00:18:02 Dynamic Light Scattering
00:19:00 Zeta Potential
00:22:03 Electrophoretic Light Scattering
00:24:19 Size and Concentration Limits*
00:27:21 Contents
00:27:40 Liposomes- Checking Size
00:27:40 Flourescent Measurement
00:27:40 Further insight using fluorescence:Polylactic acid drug delivery particles with coumarin-tagged drug molecules
00:28:45 Insight into process efficiency and impact of drug loading into delivery particles
00:29:38 Contents
00:29:48 Liposome Composition: Anionic
00:30:23 Liposome Characterisation: Anionic
00:31:00 Liposome Composition: Cationic
00:31:35 Liposome Characterisation: Cationic
00:31:55 Further Information
00:32:48 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?
00:40:06 Contact Information
Are you involved in researching and developing drug delivery systems? Do you want to characterize their size, charge and concentration?

If so, this webinar will be of interest to you. We will discuss techniques capable of providing important information on your drug delivery systems and explain how this data relates to their performance.