API Scale-up Strategies: Accelerate scale up with particle size and shape analysis

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Are you involved in API scale-up? Then you need to know that the particle size distribution of your API is a critical material attribute. It affects not only the performance or bioavailability of the material but also its processability.

Does your scale-up to production involve reducing the particle size to achieve bioavailability goals, transporting the powder, or predicting how it will pack together with excipients? Then measuring and setting specification on the particle size distribution is key!

We have the perfect solution for you: meet the Mastersizer 3000+, the worlds most advanced laser diffraction system! The Mastersizer 3000+ offers many features to make particle size analysis quick and simple:

  • Flexibility to meet your sample requirements with a range of easily interchanged accessories
  • User-friendly software with guided method development and live data monitoring
  • AI-driven insights, including Size Sure, which utilizes Malvern Panalytical's patent pending technology, Adaptive Diffraction
  • The most connected particle size experience with Smart Manager for live health monitoring to limit downtime and OmniTrust to control instrument auditing and access

Particle size isn’t the end of the story. Particle shape also affects performance and processability. Elongated or rough particles don’t flow as easily, or pack together as efficiently as spherical or smooth particles. We will also show you how automated image analysis and the Morphologi 4 provides statistically significant particle size and shape data to enable you to make confident decisions about material performance.

Join our Masterclass on Laser Diffraction and Image Analysis to explore how they are used in pharmaceutical process development and optimization! Our experts will highlight the advantages of these technologies, their accessibility, and illustrate the benefits they can bring with relevant case studies.


  • Anne Virden - Product Manager, Malvern Panalytical

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Who should attend? 

  • Pharmaceutical scientists working in process development and process optimization
  • Pharmaceutical scientists in method development at all stages of the pharmaceutical development pipeline
  • Anyone working with processing particulate systems

What will you learn? 

  • Learn how particle size affects the processability of an API
  • Understand how you can use laser diffraction to quickly and simply measure particle size 
  • Look beyond particle size to see how particle shape can influence material behavior and how to measure it with automated image analysis

About The API Scale-Up Strategies Series

This is the second in our API Scale-up Strategies series of webinars. Stay tuned as we take you on a dive deep into each challenge and show you how to develop fast and robust methods for each analytical technology. We will also reveal how and when to combine multiple analytical techniques fo additional insights.