Wafer XRD 300

Your integratable wafer orientation solution

The power of your factory automation meets our next-generation X-ray diffraction technology. Wafer XRD 300 is an ultra-fast, high-precision metrology module for crystal orientation and wafer geometry control.

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Meet the Wafer XRD 300: your high-speed X-ray diffraction module for 300mm wafer production providing key data on a variety of essential parameters such as crystal orientation and geometric features like notches, flats and much more – designed to fit seamlessly into your process line.

Features and Benefits

Ultra-fast precision with our proprietary scan technology

The used method requires only one rotational scan to gather all the necessary data to fully determine the crystal orientation, which delivers high precision at a very low measuring time – in the range of a few seconds.

Fully automated handling and sorting

Wafer XRD 300 is designed to maximize your throughput and productivity. Full integration into your handling and sorting automation, makes it a powerful and efficient addition to your process. 

Fully automated handling and sorting

Easy connectivity

Wafer XRD 300’s powerful automation fits easily into your new or existing process, as it is compatible with both MES and SECS/GEM interfaces. 

Easy connectivity

High precision, deeper insight

Understand your materials like never before with Wafer XRD 300’s key measurements including:

  • Crystal orientation
  • Notch position, depth, and opening angle
  • Diameter
  • Flat position and length
  • Further sensors available on request

The typical standard deviation tilt (example: Si 100) for the Azimuthal-scan is <0.003o.

Powerful and versatile

As semiconductor research evolves, it has never been more important to measure a variety of samples. Wafer XRD 300 makes analysis easy and fast for hundreds of materials, including: 

  • Si
  • SiC
  • AlN
  • Al2O3 (sapphire)
  • GaAs
  • Quartz
  • LiNbO3
  • BBO

Key Applications

Production and processing
Advancements in automation are changing our industries – and the Wafer XRD 300 is leading the charge as a practical, powerful solution to manage orientation measurements at unprecedented speeds.
Quality control
Wafer XRD 300 offers unparalleled efficiency and versatility for production quality control giving you highly accurate results in under 10 seconds. 
It is well-suited for 300mm production enviroments where integration into custom automation is key.


Throughput 10000+ Wafer per Month
Wafer geometry  On request
Tilt precision 0.003
XRD axis vs notch / flat position 0.03°


Support services 

  • Phone and remote support
  • Preventive maintenance and checkups
  • Flexible Customer Care Agreements
  • Performance certificates
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Local and global support


  • Turnkey solutions for elemental and structural semiconductor metrology
  • Automation and consultancy
  • Training and education
Automation has arrived. Join the Wafer XRD revolution.

Automation has arrived. Join the Wafer XRD revolution.

The ultimate solution for automated wafer sorting, crystal orientation, and much more – with the power to super-charge your productivity and futureproof your processes.

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