Chocolate taste and texture are what matter most to the consumer. For the manufacturer, product consistency, quality control and cost-efficient production are vital to maintain brand reputation.

Understanding, monitoring and controlling particle size and particle shape, in air or liquid, are key factors in ensuring consistent, high quality production of chocolate. Crystallinity of cocoa butter and sugar can be related to chocolate bloom and shelf life.

Malvern Panalyitcal’s analytical solutions for particle size, particle shape and crystallinity add value throughout the chocolate manufacturing process. Supported by Malvern Panalytical’s industry and applications knowledge they are used to:

  • Monitor the quality of incoming raw materials
  • Optimize grinding, blending, conching and tempering processes
  • Improve product quality and performance
  • Minimize process downtime
  • Increase productivity and yields
  • Ensure brand consistency

Rango de equipos Mastersizer

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Rango de equipos Mastersizer Rango de equipos Morphologi

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