Fecha registrada: June 29 2021

Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are crystalline hybrid materials created from both organic and inorganic molecules by molecular self-assembly. Due to their porous structure, MOFs have an extraordinarily large internal surface area that gives rise to many interesting properties, for example, improved selectivity, higher loading capabilities and robustness in catalytic reactions.

Consequently, it becomes particularly important to be able to characterize structurally those materials in order to better understand and improve their capabilities. The most commonly used form of MOF is powder form. Consequently, powder X-ray diffraction is the most commonly used technique to assess sample purity and crystallinity.

In this contribution, we aim to go beyond the regular phase identification of MOFs using advanced X-ray powder diffraction techniques to be able to assess their structural characterization including in-situ experiments and location of guest molecules. Join us as we explore the capabilities of laboratory X-ray instrumentation that can assist you to identify and sustain robust MOF structures.

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