The Use Of Zeta Potential For Improving Suspension Stability And Product Shelf Life

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00:00:00 “The use of zeta potential for improving suspension stability and product shelf life”
00:01:41 The use of zeta potential for improving suspension stability and product shelf life
00:02:01 Contents
00:02:36 Dispersion Stability
00:04:08 Dispersion Stability
00:04:35 Dispersion Stability
00:04:49 Dispersion Stability
00:05:08 Dispersion Stability
00:05:41 Dispersion Stability
00:06:04 Dispersion Stability
00:06:27 Dispersion Stability
00:07:10 Dispersion Stability
00:07:28 Dispersion Stability
00:08:22 Dispersion Stability
00:08:51 Maintaining Dispersion Stability
00:09:18 Electrostatic and steric stabilization
00:10:49 Measuring Electrostatic Stabilisation
00:11:23 What is Zeta Potential?
00:12:57 Dispersion Stability and Zeta Potential
00:13:46 Predicting Dispersion Stability
00:15:48 Factors Affecting Zeta Potential
00:16:05 Zeta Potential and pH
00:18:29 Zeta Potential and Conductivity
00:19:03 Non Specific Ion Adsorption
00:19:40 Specific Ion Adsorption
00:20:00 How is Zeta Potential Measured?
00:20:44 Measuring Zeta Potential: Electrophoresis
00:22:18 Measuring Zeta Potential: Electrophoresis
00:22:56 Measuring Zeta Potential: Electrophoresis
00:28:01 Laser Doppler Electrophoresis
00:28:50 Laser Doppler Electrophoresis
00:29:40 Laser Doppler Electrophoresis
00:30:59 Mixed Mode Measurement (M3)
00:31:41 Zeta Potential Applications
00:31:47 Emulsions: Paper Industry
00:33:34 Pharmaceutical Emulsions
00:35:13 Topical Skin Care Formulations
00:36:12 Topical Skin Care Formulations
00:36:59 Topical Skin Care Formulations
00:37:56 Topical Skin Care Formulations: Particle Sizing + Viscosity Results
00:38:36 Topical Skin Care Formulations: Zeta Potential Results
00:40:06 Conclusions
00:40:43 More information
00:41:41 Contact information
The Zetasizer Nano is used to measure zeta potential in order to investigate the stability of dispersions in a number of industries