Malvern’s polyolefin characterization package part 2

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00:00:00 Malvern’s Polyolefin Characterization Package Part II:
00:01:26 Malvern’s Polyolefin Characterization Package Part II: HT-DSV & FIPA-XS
00:02:59 Malvern Polyolefin Characterization Package: A Three Part Presentation
00:03:25 Malvern Polyolefin Characterization Package Part I HT-GPC Summary
00:03:55 Malvern Polyolefin Characterization Package Part I HT-GPC Highlights
00:05:06 Correlation of HT-GPC Data with Viscosity
00:06:11 HT-DSV Outline
00:07:01 What is Dilute Solution Viscosity (DSV)?
00:07:48 Traditional Measurement
00:08:40 Nomenclature for Solution Viscosity
00:08:54 Huggins/Kraemer Plot
00:09:30 Two Capillary Viscometer Principle
00:10:29 Poiseulle’s Law
00:10:58 How Does The Two Capillary Viscometer Work?
00:11:04 Baseline Condition
00:11:42 How Does The Two Capillary Viscometer Work?
00:12:05 Plateau Condition
00:13:03 Dilute Solution Viscometer (DSV) System
00:14:11 GPC / SEC Visual
00:15:08 Vortex Principle
00:15:46 Instrumental Setup
00:16:00 HT-DSV Experimental Conditions
00:17:29 Instrument Accuracy
00:18:08 Instrument Precision
00:18:47 Instrument Precision
00:19:14 Instrument Precision
00:19:48 Sample Homogeneity Problem
00:20:10 Sample Homogeneity Problem
00:21:13 IV vs MFI Correlation
00:21:38 Untitled
00:21:45 Untitled
00:21:55 Untitled
00:23:04 FIPA-XS Outline
00:23:57 Complete Triple Detector GPC Instrument: OmniSEC Software Control
00:24:14 Triple/Tetra Detector Array (TDA)
00:24:22 Flow Injection Polymer Analysis (FIPA)
00:24:45 Separation Techniques
00:26:24 What is FIPA?
00:26:47 Industrial Application of Light Scattering and Viscometry
00:27:55 Selection of FIPA Applications
00:28:16 Xylene Soluble of Polyolefins
00:29:32 Traditional Gravimetric vs Malvern FIPA Xylene Soluble Methods
00:31:27 Triple FIPAGram of EPR Xylene Soluble Fraction
00:31:44 FIPA Data for EPR Xylene Soluble
00:32:46 Reproducibility of FIPA-XS 3 Operators & 3 FIPA Instruments
00:34:43 Correlation of FIPA vs Gravimetric
00:35:06 Summary of XS Techniques
00:41:19 Conclusions
00:43:01 Contact Information
Firstly results presented in Part 1 of this three part polyolefin series are reviewed. Secondly how high temperature dilute solution viscosity (DSV) and Xylene Solubles (XS) techniques complements HT-GPC for the analysis of polypropylene