Faster analysis of high-alloy steel with Zetium and SumXcore technology

This data sheet demonstrates the time savings achieved with SumXcore technology for the analysis of high-alloy steel by XRF.

Stainless steel is a family of special grades of iron-based alloys containing a minimum 10.5% of chromium in their composition. The high chromium content in combination with other alloying elements determines the high corrosion resistance of these grades of steels. Depending on the final usage, stainless steel compositions are carefully controlled to obtain specific corrosion-resistant characteristics and crystalline structure, which in turn affect their hardness and strength. This makes stainless steel the ideal base material for applications such as automotive and aerospace bodies, construction material, industrial equipment as well as major appliances and surgical equipment. In order to ensure the desired properties, it is crucial to perform rapid and accurate elemental analysis at each step of the production, from process control to quality control. 


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