Quick phase quantification of clinker and cement for environmentally friendly cement production

In this data sheet we show that quantification results of the phases in clinker and cement are both accurate and precise, showing that the Cement edition of Aeris is a perfect tool for environmentally friendly cement production.

A major aspect of environmentally friendly cement production is the use of alternative fuels. The change from fossil fuels to alternative fuels affects kiln control. With fossil fuels kiln control is done using the free lime information in combination with the alite, belite, aluminate and ferrite concentrations in the clinker. These are typically estimated assuming stoichiometry in the kiln. With alternative fuels, however, stoichiometry between alite, belite, aluminate and ferrite may no longer be valid and yield erroneous process control. In order to guarantee a correct kiln control direct
probing of the clinker phases using X-ray diffraction is needed


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