NIR and Petrology Application Note

The value of Full-Range Spectrometers for Petrology:

  • "Spectra, like human fingerprints, can be used to search for materials with a similar spectrum and to investigate the composition of the material."
  • "Diffusive spectral reflectance (DSR) has been successfully used as a geologic tool to identify mineral phases in rocks and sediments. The method is non-destructive, fast, and relatively inexpensive."
  • "Scattering properties are wavelength-dependent and can vary significantly over the VIS-NIR spectral range. In particular, the phase function of a granular material is affected by both the absorptivity and the external and internal structure of the grains, from the millimeter scale down to the wavelength scale."
  • "Reflectance spectroscopy can yield valuable information on metamorphic intensity in rocks containing white mica, particularly in low-grade sequences where conventional indicators of metamorphic grade are lacking. Futhermore, the information can be obtained with field-portable spectrometer."


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