Focus on Food – Coffee Characterization

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00:00:00 Focus on Food - Coffee
00:03:25 Presentation overview
00:03:41 What makes a good cup of coffee?
00:03:51 Introduction to coffee production
00:05:00 Why the interest in coffee?
00:06:24 How do we measure coffee?
00:08:45 Coffee-based drinks
00:09:27 Coffee-based drinks
00:09:42 Coffee-based drinks
00:09:49 Coffee-based drinks
00:09:55 Coffee-based drinks
00:09:59 Coffee-based drinks
00:10:05 Coffee-based drinks
00:10:21 Coffee-based drinks
00:10:39 Coffee
00:13:40 Coffee
00:15:20 How can analytical technology help coffee producers?
00:16:20 Malvern Panalytical solutions for the Coffee Industry
00:17:31 Mastersizer 3000 system
00:17:36 Aero S Funnel Sample Feeder for coffee quality control measurements
00:18:13 Laser diffraction: light scattering
00:19:23 Coffee
00:20:16 Using the funnel feeder, reproducible measurements can be simply achieved for different coffee grinds
00:20:36 Determining the grind settings for different types of coffee
00:21:44 Coffee
00:22:51 Measurement reproducibility for a very coarse and a very fine coffee grind
00:23:45 Coffee
00:24:33 Coffee machines
00:25:19 Laser diffraction offers many advantages for particle size measurements
00:26:31 Coffee not your cup of tea?
00:26:40 Other beverages and drinks
00:28:10 Other beverages and drinks
00:28:39 Other beverages and drinks
00:29:22 Thank you for your attention
00:29:30 Untitled

Have you ever wondered why espresso coffee tastes different to your normal filter coffee? Or perhaps how coffee taste varies across countries and continents? Have you ever considered how a coffee pod works, or what is the optimal size to grind your own coffee beans to?

Particle size and particle size distribution, partnered with brewing method, provides the answer to these questions and many more. These parameters do not simply affect the coarseness of coffee, but also its flavor and bitterness. Come along to this focused webinar to find out more!


Stephen Ward-Smith - Segment Marketing Manager - Foods

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  •  Who should attend?

- Those working within formulation, development and manufacturing/QC within the food and beverage industry.

  •  What will you learn? 

- You will gain an appreciation of how the particle size of ground coffee is critical to its taste. 

- You’ll understand how key technologies can be applied to coffee formulation and manufacturing to optimize and maintain product quality.