PANalytical donates for Save the Children foundation

PANalytical, one of the world’s leading suppliers of analytical instrumentation, presented a ‘cheque’ representing €8,500 to Ms. Sarah Clifton and Ms. Chris Ochtrup from the Save the Children foundation. This substantial donation was generated by the most recent PANalytical Global Customer Satisfaction Survey whereby PANalytical donates €5 to charity for every completed survey.


During the presentation, Ms. Sarah Clifton passionately informed Mr. Paolo Carmassi, CEO of Malvern PANalytical, about the wide range of global projects of Save the Children and how they are looking to build long-lasting partnerships with their donor companies to offer structural solutions to improve the lives of children all over the world.


Save the Children stands side by side with children and Mr. Paolo Carmassi concluded that, although both organizations work in completely different sectors, they have the same goal: think globally and act locally. “As an international company we take our social responsibility seriously and supporting the lives of children worldwide is part of PANalytical’s contribution to create a better world”


About Save the Children 


Save the Children saves the lives, dreams and futures of children by providing medical care and good-quality education and by creating better living conditions. Save the Children is the largest independent children’s rights organization in the world. Every child aged 0-18 whose childhood is threatened, as a result of poverty or because they have been mistreated, abused or forced to flee, has Save the Children’s attention. Irrespective of their faith, sex, race, skin color, sexual orientation, nationality or political persuasion.