Malvern Panalytical’s “MP Tools” software package: Taking semiconductor analysis to new heights

Malvern Panalytical, a leading analytical instruments and services supplier, is launching “MP Tools”, a package of additional software solutions for its Wafer Analyzer 2830 ZT platform. The first two applications in this package, ToolMatch and DifferAction, are being released today. These cutting-edge solutions will enable users to advance their analysis, meet the industry’s rising demands, and drive significant efficiencies in semiconductor operations.

As semiconductor and data storage technology continue to advance rapidly, there is considerable expectation for metrology techniques to meet increasingly rigorous demands. Manufacturers are also facing rising pressure to drive efficiencies and greater cost savings in their operations, as many companies continue to grow and invest in additional tools, expertise, and resources.

MP Tools is a software package with a range of new and enhanced solutions for the Wafer Analyzer 2830 ZT platform, aiming to streamline and optimize semiconductor analysis. The first two of these applications, DifferAction and ToolMatch, focus on the start and end of the semiconductor process, respectively. By providing easy-to-use and automated solutions to conventionally complex and manual procedures, these tools aim to maximize user uptime and improve quality control.  

The first solution, DifferAction optimizes the wafer offset angle in XRF analysis. While traditional methods are time-consuming and often complex to overcome unwanted diffraction influences, DifferAction software enables fast and simple machine setup to deliver more reliable results. It also comes with a pre-loaded reference set, meaning the user can predict patterns for new configurations with greater ease. This is particularly useful for manufacturers that need to adapt their machines to new substrates – which is becoming ever-more common as the semiconductor industry continues to look into alternative wafer and substrate technologies.

The second solution, ToolMatch, is designed to enhance the later stages of the semiconductor process. As manufacturers expand their operations and invest in additional Wafer Analyzers, it is increasingly important that the results coming from different machines – and different sites – are consistent. ToolMatch automatically enables consistent results coming from multiple instruments. This enables operators to calibrate different tools themselves, reducing the continuous need for advanced calibration by specialists. This software also comes with application transfer functionality, which removes the need for manual input. This makes machine setup faster and less susceptible to errors.

To learn more about the features and benefits of these new software solutions, please visit our product page here.