Smart Return: Agriculture - how to sustainably boost your production and productivity in agriculture

Real time crop analysis in the field with Nitrogen Mapping

Sustainable agricultural production and productivity growth are essential all around the world today. We believe those challenges require smart solutions, helping you to: 

  • Improve your yield from a quality perspective and a quantity perspective 
  • Save on production costs by saving fertilizer
  • Produce your crop more efficiently by reducing throughput time or cutting steps in the process to save time
  • Become more sustainable as a farmer

We understand that nitrogen plays a critical role within a plant to ensure energy is available when and where the plant needs it to optimize yield. This crucial nutrient will help nutrient uptake.

Intelligent Manufacturing Award

Malvern Panalytical won the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2024, in the ‘Scale’ category, for its Smart Return: Agriculture technology. 

The solution was acknowledged for its potential to positively impact the environment through the agriculture sector, by adopting data analysis and state-of-the-art technologies; Helping the world to become cleaner, healthier and more productive.

Realtime analysis in the field

Get ahead of your competition and start with the real time nitrogen analysis in the field, instead of at an off-site laboratory. 

Nitrogen Mapping gives you real time nitrogen levels in the field, from a leaf, without damaging a plant using assay analysis on a handheld device.

It will help you to optimize fertilizer application with faster and accurate nitrogen data, improve crop yield, and improve overall sustainability by providing data to allow more targeted and/or reduced chemical applications. 

Nitrogen mapping explained

Nitrogen Mapping uses the proven Trek Product, for nitrogen analysis based on assay analysis in the field. Expect easy data collection with a handheld instrument in the field, without damaging the crop. It takes you 30 seconds. 

Smart Return: Agriculture will give you faster results, with more frequent sampling at different locations within your fields. 

It will automatically capture ancillary data (GPS, location, etc) and simplify data collection for you as a farmer. 

[Agrilytics.jpg] Agrilytics.jpg

We have been using Smart Return: Agriculture for about two years now and so far we have found that we can save about 20-30% on nitrogen fertilizer on our banana farm

Research Department in Corbana, Costa Rica

Spectra Analysis Software

The Swiper program retrieves spectra from the Trek device and passes it to our Cloud Service. The Cloud Service then securely uploads the data, ensuring its integrity and privacy, to our cloud infrastructure. 

From there, it’s stored in Smart Return and processed for further analysis. You can trust that your data is handled with care and efficiency.

Find out more about Swiper software here.

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