Consumer healthcare

Facilitating cost and performance benefits in the consumer healthcare area.

Malvern’s innovative technological solutions cater to your characterization and regulatory needs in the powder and granules area of consumer health care.

Characterization of suspensions, emulsions and slurries brings in a wide range of Malvern’s expertise and equipment tailoring the solutions to your characterization and troubleshooting requirements. Malvern understands your needs and has the expertise and experts backed up by an extensive range of applications know-how (applications notes, webinars). The characterization of particle size and shape distribution, zeta potential, rheology, polymer (SEC), and on-line parameters brings obvious quality control and cost savings benefits. This is where Malvern works with you, understanding your application area and providing working cost-effective solutions meeting your business objectives.

Malvern and you work together to provide the best handle on your product performance from research to manufacture.