This live web demo will give you an introduction to measuring particle size using the Mastersizer 3000. You will be able to take a look at the Mastersizer 3000 and its accessories via the webcam in our lab, and we will share the Mastersizer 3000 software with you so that you can follow the measurement process live. We will look at the dispersion of a sample measured in liquid using the Hydro EV accessory. 

This will introduce you to a range of features in the Mastersizer 3000 software, such as the live trending of parameters during the measurement, which is a great aid to method development. We will also show you the data quality feature which gives you feedback on the quality of your measurements as well as on the stability of your results. Next, we will make some measurements using the Aero dry dispersion unit, to show how easily you can set up a method to get reproducible data on bulk dry materials. There will also be time to ask any questions that you have about laser diffraction and the Mastersizer 3000.